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Medical Spa

ul. Piastowska 5 ,
78-131 Dzwirzyno

e-mail: recepcja@puh-akces.pl
tel. +48 94 358 54 81,
tel. +48 94 358 50 13,
fax +48 94 35 850 12
tel. mobil. +48 609 520 709
e-mail: marketing@puh-akces.pl
tel. +48 94 358 54 81
tel. mobil. +48 663 213 211
Akces Medical Spa.

      We are pleased to invite you to Akces Medical Spa Spa located in a coastal place Dźwirzyno near the city of Kołobrzeg. Our Baltic seaside resort is just 200 m from a wide, sandy beach – one of the most beautiful beaches on the Polish coast. You will find clean swimming places and dunes forested with pine trees.

      Specific and unique microclimate attracts tourists and bathers. Thanks to the advantages of nature it is a great place to lose weight by the sea. Our resort makes use of the values of the environment organizing slimming stays where the effects are assured by a Dr Dąbrowska’s Fruit and Vegetable diet. Our professional nutritionists will guarantee a proper combination of ingredients. Bathers can also rely on effective purifying diets enabling them to obtain the desired results. They can count on our holidays for seniors, too.

      Akces Medical Spa  Resort is also a fantastic place for health holidays by the sea. It is perfect for those bathers who expect something more of such an offer. Moreover, our resort organizes rehabilitation stays at the seaside.


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